Top tips for buying a handbag

If there’s one accessory that every girl loves, it’s a
fabulous new handbag. Yet when it comes to this must-have wardrobe item
– it’s really not a case of one size fits all. From classy little
clutches to oversized satchels, there are a huge variety of handbags available to suit any outfit and any social scene.  
If you’re on the prowl for a new bag, or looking to update your current collection, here’s the ultimate guide to buying a new handbag: 
handbag is one of those items that you need to invest in. It’s very
hard to get away with a cheap or poor quality bag. Plastic based bag
materials are also very hard to conceal, as is bad quality imitation
leather. You don’t need to spend a fortune, but you do need to check
that the bag won’t fall apart after a few wears.  
There is an age-old rule that says a girl must always match their handbag colour to their shoes. While these old “fashion mantras”
aren’t as rigid as they were in decades past, it’s still a good thing
to keep in mind, particularly when avoiding colours and shades that
If you tend to always wear brown boots, a black leather handbag won’t match seamlessly like a brown leather one will. On the other hand, if you tend to always wear dark clothing, a brightly coloured handbag is just the thing to liven up any outfit.  Red is a great for adding a splash of colour to a little black dress, and also works perfectly when matched with a nautical themed outfit that is bang on trend this season.  

size of your handbag is usually dictated by what you intend to use it
for. Clutches are best suited for things like formal occasions or when
heading on a night out with friends. The small size is perfect for
fitting in all of the necessities for a great night out – lipstick, car keys, phone and a purse. 

the other end of the spectrum, some of the other popular hand bag
styles that take up a little more room include the Tote Bag (medium to
large sized, perfect for a day spent shopping
with friends), the Duffle Bag (ideal for stuffing in gym clothes or
taking for a sleep over) or the Bucket bag, shaped much like its name suggests and ideal for adding a bit of shape and structure to your outfit.  


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